This app will transform your colour book to animation.


Hey parents we have great news for all of you who don’t want their children’s to become a tab freak by playing constant games or becoming robots with their tablets. Chromville is an application which brings kids' drawings or paintings to 3d existence with increased reality, and gives them a chance to utilize their manifestations within on-screen games. Specifically developed for children between 5-12 yrs. of age, Chromville contains inbuilt iOS and Android apps with the template pages set up in order that can be easily downloaded and can be printed off easily for kids to colour it. The pages recount the story of a far off world where colour is blurring the nature-based items losing their magic which can be retained by providing colours to it.

When the children’s have completed their drawings, this app scans those photos with your tablet or smartphone. After that this app identifies the coloured pages and converts them to animation of 3D on your screen implementing your child’s design to become virtual life. As the colouring part progresses in tab, there comes a game part describing the children’s in narration featuring the items coloured by the user. This acts in same way as that of Lego Fusion performs the physical building of the structures which differentiates Chromville as a colouring app. Along with the story and game concept of this app, it additionally also have a segment which give kids more flexibility in creating design of their own. Here also they get the opportunity to use their innovative ideas to create drawings which are not related to Chromville story.

You can get this Chromville app to download from different platforms and about colouring pages to be printed can be downloaded from official Chromville website. Developers are planning to reveal paid colouring sheets, with its education version in its app. You can also check Chromville working in this video. N number of apps are created by web developers with their innovative ideas and techniques. Programming in Java, C, C++ have took programmers way ahead of the time to develop creative apps in this technological world. Even if you are not from the field of programming just by learning from videos tutorials on web programming languages from platforms like eduonix, udemy, etc you can definitely be in race of developers to create an app like above one